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Starting my blog and what I have planned to write about

I have always wanted to write a blog about my research into Alexander Truslit’s work. A few weeks ago Michael Haverkamp and I published our new edition of Truslit’s magnum opus (see next post). I think, this is also a good occasion for starting my blog.
In this blog I will discuss articles concerning Truslit’s work as well as articles or books about music, motion and body technique in general that come to my attention.
Of course the main focus will be on my continuous effort to bring Truslit’s method back to new life. His motion lines communicate a wonderful physical-musical ability (I called it “Körpermusikalität” in my first book) which could be of great value to modern music education as well to musicians’ medicine.
From time to time I will also write blogposts looking back at the past years of my work. There is a lot to write about: e.g. the story of how and why Truslit caught my attention, my first book “Bewegungslinien der Musik” and the Truslit-Curves-Videos I make with the help of the experimental iPad app Music Moves.
Of course, I hope this blog finds many readers. Please comment or contact me with ideas, wishes, critique, etc.


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