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My latest article about Truslit’s method

My performance lecture from the symposium “Sound – Traces – Moves. Soundtraces in Motion” has just been published. This is the reference with a link to the book:

Brandner, Hans: Alexander Truslits Bewegungsspuren, in: Karoß, Sabine; Schroedter, Stephanie (Hg.): Klänge in Bewegung, Bielefeld 2017, pp. 85-94.

Unfortunately the article is again in German. When will I find the time to publish a summary of my recent practical research in English?

The article describes in a very compact manner Truslit’s practical method and explains why his curves are relevant in piano playing. For the first time, I also discuss some of my own motion curves and refer to some new videos. E.g. this one:



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