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Music Moves Updated

iconThe new version 1.5 of my App Music Moves is now available in the Apple App Store. It offers the new feature to participate in my empirical study of motion curves by sending your animations to me. I will analyze the motions and publish some of them together with the results and, of course, I will report about this project in this blog.

The App includes two short music pieces without motions. Your are invited to draw their motions and to send them to me. Of course you can also draw to any music and send me any motion you made.

Before the sending off you will be asked to answer some questions about you, your musical or dance experience and your motion. There is a field to enter a research code. I am giving out special codes, e.g. in presentations and courses, to assign the sent motions with certain groups of participants.

Have fun with the App Music Moves!



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