Talk about Music and Motion

210116vortrag (002)On January 21th I had a talk in Berlin about Truslit’s life and work. My lecture was part of a cultural program for international academics temporarily working in Berlin. I often make concerts and events at the IBZ, the atmosphere is always nice and the audience very interesting.

To motivate the topic, I started with an overview about Truslit’s work and its historical predecessors from the Baroque music theorist Johann Mattheson to the modern dancer Isadora Duncan.

In my introduction of Truslit’s method, I motivated the audience not only to bodily perform his motion exercises together with me, but also played many audio examples from Truslit’s book. Before presenting the related motion curves, I asked, on which of his three motion types a recording may be based on. The association worked very well and stable among the listeners.

In the last part, I presented my efforts to continue Truslit’s line notation of musical motion. I played piano music and showed the video animations I made to the music. Referring to my interpretation and to musical and physical phenomena in Truslit’s bodymusical method, I explained, why I painted these and not other shapes of motion.